Condensate Management

From Ingersoll Rand Type 30 reciprocating air compressors to MSG® TURBO-AIR NX 12000, IR manufacture & heavily test air compressor parts for the entire compressor product line to ensure they are OEM-quality.

By purchasing & installing OEM-quality compressor parts, such as lubricants, maintenance kits, replacement parts, filtration & condensation management will guarantee that your compressor stays operational & in warranty

Electronic No-Loss Drains

Ingersoll Rand’s newly-enhanced Electronic No-Loss Drains (ENLs) are heavy-duty industrial drains that remove condensate without wasting compressed air. The ENLs can be attached to a variety of air compressors and accessories. The light weight design makes them easy to install in applications that have minimum available space. With a wide range of valves available, our ENL offerings can accommodate systems from 2.8 - 1415.8 m3/min (100 - 50,000 cfm). The ENLs can also accommodate high pressure systems up to 63 bar (914 psi) and are available in both 115 V and 230 V.

Pneumatic No-Loss Drains (PNLD II)

The PNLD II line of fully pneumatic no-loss drains offers a single solution that easily removes condensate with high levels of rust and oil, while eliminating air loss, even at elevated pressure.

PolySep Oil Water Separators

The key to the PolySep Oil Water Separators’ unrivaled performance is our unique, specially coated Zeolite adsorption media. This proprietary filtration media effectively separates and permanently adsorbs virtually all lubricants, including highly emulsified lubricants like polyglycols, the most difficult lubricants to separate. Competitive systems simply can't handle polyglycols without requiring expensive, oversized separators. From mineral oils, PAOs and polyolesters to diesters and polygycols, the PolySep Oil Water Separator provides the broadest range of performance and efficiency.