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IntelliSurvey Compressed Air Audit

Is your compressed air system designed optimally? Do you spend more on power then you should? The IntelliSurvey can help you improve system performance and reliability.

With thousands of successful uses across the globe, IntelliSurvey is a leader for compressor system analysis. Designed to continuously monitor up to four rotary screw or reciprocating compressors, IntelliSurvey's proprietary algorithms take up to a week's worth of data to establish a baseline of current compressor performance.If efficiency improvements can be made, the future savings can be quantified along with the ROI.

Accurate Results

Unlike some competitors who do not measure system pressure, IntelliSurvey combines days of data for both pressure and amperage, to accurately establish a baseline for system performance.

Flexible Capabilities

IntelliSurvey 4.0 is designed to analyze up to four (4) positive displacement air compressors of any manufacturer, model, or vintage.

​​​​Justified Investment

IntelliSurvey 4.0 does more than quantify the current state – future state operating costs are calculated, along with the rate of return for any required investments.

Best in Class Comparison

IntelliSurvey 4.0, the latest version of the IntelliSurvey, even allows the system to be benchmarked against the best-in-class specific power capable for the system's range.

Compressed Air System Assessments

More and more companies are finding that to be competitive in this global economy they need to do more with less. So when budgets are tight and resources scarce, is maintaining your compressed air system a top priority? Most likely not.

FAMCO ‘S highly trained Compressed Air Assessments team has several solutions to help you. A professional Ingersoll Rand compressed air audit will help uncover the often complex problems associated with operating a modern compressed air system. From performing root cause analysis, to analyzing system efficiency, to recommending corrective actions, our audit team evaluates the complete process of producing compressed air...not just the compressors. So whether your goal is to: improve system reliability, improve overall system efficiency, increase your facility's productivity, extend the life of your system, or identify, troubleshoot and correct system problems, we can partner with you to create the best solutions that meet your return on investment goals.

Features of Compressed Air System Assessments

Supply-Side Assessments

Focused on the compressors, clean-up equipment and accessories, the supply side audit identifies and quantifies opportunities to reduce energy costs, improve reliability and stability, and achieve appropriate pressure and air quality.

Demand-Side Assessments

Focused inside your factory, we analyze the distribution system, points of use, and key processes to help our customers optimize productivity and efficiently use air in their production environment.

Full-System Assessments

Fully comprehensive, a Full-System Assessment combines both Supply-Side and Demand-Side scopes of work.

Air System Modeling and Simulation

An electronic model of the compressed air system is generated, from the compressor room through the piping distribution network. Multiple scenarios can be simulated, allowing Ingersoll Rand to collaborate with customers for the system design or modification.

Customized for Your Needs

In a world of cookie-cutter "audits," FAMCO offers a true consultative team dedicated to system assessments. We listen to what each customer wants to learn and achieve and tailor each assessment to those customer specifics.

Air Leak Assessments

Saving You Time and Money

The FAMCO leak assessment features many competitive advantages. Our cutting-edge equipment and certified technicians work quickly and efficiently — even when your facility is up and running at full production. We help you determine which leaks are the most important and cost-effective to repair — and we follow up to make sure the repairs are in good working condition. And since we keep a record of previously identified air leaks, we know exactly what to look for at each visit.

Extensive Experience and Expertise

Every element of our air leak assessment has been examined to ensure that the best practices are followed. Our certified professionals have vast knowledge of compressed air systems, and our state-of-the-art testing equipment provides accurate results. We use standard testing processes and compare data across our entire network — leading to greater efficiency, consistency, and value for our customers.