From Ingersoll Rand Type 30 reciprocating air compressors to  MSG® TURBO-AIR NX 12000, IR manufacture & heavily test  air compressor parts for the entire compressor product line to ensure they are OEM-quality. 

By purchasing & installing  OEM-quality compressor parts, such as lubricants, maintenance kits, replacement parts, filtration & condensation management will guarantee that your compressor stays operational & in warranty

Ultra EL Lubricant

Ingersoll Rand Ultra Extended Life (EL) advanced synthetic lubricant performs up to twice as long as other rotary lubricants, keeping your compressors running at peak performance, minimizing downtime and lowering lifecycle costs.

  • Up to 16,000 hours of lubricant run time -- twice as long as other synthetic rotary lubricants -- maximizes uptime for critical equipment
  • Advanced cooling, delivered by an ultra-high thermal conductivity value, enables compressors to run cooler and more efficiently, even in high-ambient temperature environments
  • Peak compressor performance significantly reduces wear, delivering the highest efficiency, while dramatically increasing component longevity
  • More reliable lubricant performance provides more consistent productivity in your operation
  • High flash point of 272°C (522°F), higher than most poly-alpha-olfins (PAOs), diesters and other synthetic lubricants, enhances operational safety
  • Significantly improved separation qualities so more lubricant stays in your compressor

Ultra FG Lubricant

Ingersoll Rand also offers a high quality, H1 and NSF certified; food grade lubricant designed specifically to help customers in the food and beverage industries meet their production quality standards.


Ingersoll Rand's Ultra FG lubricant offers you peace of mind that your products are safe from incidental contact and that your compressors will run trouble-free for longer, increasing your overall productivity.

Why Ultra FG?

Ultra FG contains an additive that exhibits antimicrobial activity to protect the lubricant against bacteria, yeasts and molds. The additive also protects the lubricant from contamination caused by food-borne microorganisms and inhibits lubricant degradation providing you with longer lubricant life and reducing your maintenance costs.

In addition, Ultra FG is made from synthetic alkylated naphthalenes, which provide solvency and dispersing characteristics. The lubricant does not form abrasive deposits commonly found in conventional fluids, such as polyalphaolefins (PAOs), increasing your compressor’s reliability.

• Up to 6,000 hours of lubricant life

• Resists foam, sludge, varnish and corrosive acid formation

• Superior dispersing characteristics for easier removal of water

• Long maintenance intervals require less lubricant

Ultra Coolant Lubricant

Ultra Coolant is an engineered polyglycol based coolant designed to achieve peak compressor performance for contact cooled rotary screw air compressors - even at the highest temperatures. Ultra Coolant's unique formulation allows for long life, excellent cooling performance, and improved compressor efficiency. Unlike typical petroleum coolants, Ultra Coolant offers high thermal conductivity to extend the life of your compressor, its parts and even the coolant itself.


Ultra Coolant is the industry’s leading lubricant, specifically designed to help rotary screw compressors maintain peak performance at a full range of temperatures, minimizing operating costs and environmental impact.

  • Up to 8,000 hours of lubricant run time, longer life than most poly-alpha-olefins (PAOs), and as much as 8 times the life of conventional lubricants
  • Non-foaming performance significantly lowers carryover as compared to conventional and other synthetic fluids, reducing contamination
  • Varnish free operation saves energy, and extends the reliability and life of your system
  • 10% higher thermal conductivity extends compressor life and improves efficiency
  • High flash point of 271°C (520°F), higher than most poly-alpha-olefins (PAOs), diesters and other synthetic lubricants, enhances operational safety
  • Advanced cooling enables compressors to run cooler and more efficiently, even in high-ambient temperature environments
  • Excellent biodegradability and recyclability

Techtrol Gold Centrifugal Compressor Lubricant

Ingersoll Rand's Techtrol Gold III Optimized lubricant is designed to provide the same superior performance over mineral oils that the industry has come to expect from Ingersoll Rand lubricant.


When compared to mineral-based lubricants, MSG® Centac® Techtrol Gold synthetic coolant offers significant advantages:

  • Premium base stock provides exceptional performance, surpassing all mineral-based lubricants
  • Extended operating life of three years (24,000 hours), reducing fluid disposal frequency and costs
  • Eliminates deposits and build-up caused by fluid breakdown allowing bearings to run cooler, minimizing downtime and costs
  • Superior film strength protects against metal-to-metal contact
  • Stable viscosity over a wide temperature range protects compressors
  • Proprietary blend specifically for MSG Centac centrifugal air compressors exceeds lubricant specifications to assure consistent quality\