A service aimed at keeping uptime as close to 100% as possible and each necessary workshop visit to a minimum in terms of time and cost. An individual service plan gives each vehicle an optimised service interval, and by using real-time data the interval can be adjusted to suit actual usage and driving conditions.

Individual Service Plan

Proper maintenance is the key to uninterrupted operation. Neglected maintenance inevitably leads to unplanned repairs or even breakdowns. However, too frequent servicing negatively impacts the number of productive hours of a vehicle. That’s why Vehicle Management is based on an individual service plan for each vehicle.

Fine- Tune With Real-Time Data

Your service management can go further in optimising maintenance costs by using the telematics-based functions. The individual service plan is based on predictions, and by following up the continuous flow of real-time data, each vehicle’s service plan becomes adaptive.

A Tool For Maintenance Planning

Vehicle Management is a meticulously developed process. It allows you to not only increase uptime and revenues, but also improve your workshop efficiency. You get a comprehensive fleet overview as well as detailed diagnostics for each vehicle. Together with fault codes, alerts, required parts and workshop hours, maintenance planning can be a lot more proactive.