Service Contracts give the customer the desired level of protection against unplanned stops and costs, at a monthly cost. Fixed or per kilometer. The contracts are available at three levels, with the possibility for the customer to individually select their coverage.

Uptime at a fixed cost

With a service contract you always know the preventive maintenance cost. What is more, you also protect your operation against unplanned repair costs and standstills.

Any way you like it

Volvo Bus Service Contracts are designed to fit into your operations. The idea is to efficiently meet the needs that go beyond the activities performed in your own garage or workshop. That’s why we offer three levels; a basic Blue, a comprehensive Silver and the all-inclusive Gold Contract. In addition there is a list of options you can choose from in order to fine-tune your contract

Individual Service plan

Predicted usage is defined for each vehicle. The benefits are two-fold. The vehicle spends maximum time in operation, and you have excellent background information for planning of vehicle deployment.



The Volvo Blue includes preventive maintenance prescribed for your Volvo bus or coach in accordance with the Volvo maintenance plan.


The Volvo Silver has the same content as the Volvo Blue contract but also includes any necessary repairs of the driveline, plus labor and parts.


The Volvo Gold contract also covers all necessary repairs to the vehicle.