Aftersales Products

VOSP – Volvo Optimized Service Plan

A service plan system making it possible to tailor an optimized service schedule for vehicles.


A transport information system that enables customers to see the location of their vehicle in real time as well as fuel consumption, driver duty times, service intervals and more.

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A telematic system developed to work with a Volvo machine's own diagnostic system that combines two independent systems;

1. Mobile phone network, or data via satellite


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MATRIS (Machine Tracking Information System)

A software tool used for viewing information from a machine ECU’s.

MATRIS generates reports used for analysis.It shows how a machine is used, information influencing productivity and maintenance.

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Care Inspections & Care Kits

Inspections are provided by professional service technicians from Volvo.

Care Kits include everything needed in one delivery.

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Customer Support Agreements

Maximize the potential of the machine, allowing for profitability and complete peace of mind.

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Ground Engaging Tools

Key features:

Patented teeth and adapters.

The teeth are self-sharpening with maximum wear life.

Withstands high levels of force and stress.

Easy to mount and remove.

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Oil Analysis

Gives an early warning of any potential problems with the machine.

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Genuine Lubricants

Key features:

Extends the service life of the machine.

Reduce fuel consumption.

Reduce engine wear.

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Remanufactured Components

Key features:

Same build quality as brand new components but at a lower price.

An extensive range of parts covers most components.

Full Volvo warranty.

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