ARO® Adds Conductive PVDF to EXP Series of Pumps

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Available in 1" and 2" Ports

The latest addition to the ARO® portfolio offers a conductive polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) wetted part driven by the advanced EXP pneumatic motor technology.

Available in 1-inch and 2-inch port sizes, the new Conductive PVDF Pump complements the existing range of ARO® process pumps. It offers the lowest downtime and lowest cost of ownership in highly critical applications, which include handling corrosive chemicals in hazardous duty environments.

PVDF is well suited for a variety of industries and applications, including:*

  • Chemical injections to treat wood or pulp in paper production
  • Chemical dosing or slurry draining in wastewater treatment
  • Transfer and delivery of acids to etch solar panels
  • Transfer and flushing of pigments, inks or solvents
  • Collecting agrochemical byproducts
  • Loading or unloading petrochemicals from trucks and other large containers
  • Transferring additives or chemicals in manufacturing fertilizer, detergent, pharmaceuticals or personal care products

Features and Benefits

ARO® EXP air operated diaphragm pumps with bolted PVDF and conductive PVDF (CPVDF) wetted parts offer best in class features for transferring corrosive and dangerous chemicals. They are well suited for applications in hazardous environments, such as ATEX Group II 2GD X**, and suitable for use in NEC/CEC Class I & II, Div 1 & 2, Groups A-D environments.

In most cases, ARO® EXP pumps with PVDF or CPVDF wetted parts offer a better alternative to diaphragm pump models that rely on machined polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or conductive PTFE (CPTFE) construction:

  • Lower Risk of Leakage: The robust bolted design of the non-metallic ARO® EXP PVDF pump offers better sealing compared to diaphragm pump construction technologies that rely on PTFE.
    • PVDF and CPVDF offer better mechanical properties than PTFE and CPTFE given their chemical composition. This mechanical property delivers a more reliable sealing capability for material cold flow or creep.
    • PVDF has a better surface roughness than PTFE, making it more resistant to abrasion and various impacts.
  • Lower Cost: PVDF features a lower cost of raw materials and longer maintenance and pump replacement cycles than PTFE. It is more affordable than machined PTFE diaphragm pumps or aftermarket PTFE coating options.
  • Safety and Sustainability: A low risk of leakage reduces staff exposure to chemicals, as well as potential chemical spills into the environment. Plus, longer pump replacement cycles help reduce plastic waste and lower the total cost of ownership.
  • Easier to Transport, Repair and Commission: PVDF has 23% lower density than PTFE. The ARO® EXP PVDF models are up to 50% lighter than similar PTFE designs.
  • Increased Productivity: The ARO® EXP pneumatic motor improves process efficiency through:
    • A stall-free air motor, thanks to the unbalanced air valve.
    • Frost free operation, thanks to our Quick Dump™ technology, which prevents frost formation in the pneumatic drive.
    • Higher flow rate capacity than most competitor pumps with the same port size and footprint
    • Lower energy cost and best-in-class air consumption in this product category
    • More automation options. Standard ARO® EXP pumps can be easily retrofitted with remote actuation and sensors, which are also rated for ATEX Group II 2GD X**, and suitable for use in NEC/CEC Class I & II, Div 1 & 2, Groups A-D environments.

Replacing a solid machined PTFE pump with an EXP series PVDF pump can increase uptime and lower the total cost of ownership substantially due to its unmatched combination of Performance, Reliability, Automation, Safety and Sustainability.

*In the majority of applications, PVDF would offer similar chemical compatibility to PTFE. Check our Chemical Compatibility Guide for exceptions before recommending or installing a pump.

**See product documentation for more details on ATEX rating.