Merlo Telescopic Handlers

Panoramic Telescopic handlers​

​Designed for the construction and industry sectors. This range offers unique technical and technological features. Equipped with stabilizer feet to increase performance with Merlo’s CDC (Dynamic Load Control) safety system that increases the level of safety without reducing performance. Offers a variety of models from compact machines (for those with space restrictions) to the high performance models to work in large building sites. The range includes 15 models, capacities from 3400 to 4000 kg, lifting heights from 7 up to 17 meters.


Roto Telescopic handlers

Roto range operates 360°. With an inbuilt rotating turret this range provides a greater radius of action compared to a fixed telehandlers. Reaches 30 meters of operating height and can lift 6 tons. Quality of construction, performance and safety that characterize this range of products, makes them the leader in the field of rotating turret handlers. Roto’s value is increased by three families of products with innumerable models, all conceived to offer the market machines that increasingly respond to the requirements of the users.