Ingersoll Rand has 145+ years of experience, when it comes to manufacturing and servicing air compressors, anytime, anywhere globally. Ingersoll Rand manufacture a range of compressors from small reciprocating to large rotary screw for a variety of industries, such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemicals, electronics, general manufacturing, automotive and many more.

Air Solutions

Reciprocating Air Compressors ​

Used for commercial applications, such as auto body shop, small garage or Do-It-Yourself projects


Oil Flooded Air Compressors

Used for industrial applications, such as automotive & general industry


Oil Free Air Compressors

Ingersoll Rand offers a wide portfolio of oil-free products that will adapt to your industry and application. From the industry that requires large volumes of flow, to the industries with a fluctuating demand that requires the use of the Nirvana oil-free VSD compressor, Ingersoll Rand will assess and propose the best oil-free solution for your needs. Ingersoll Rand will offer his expertise also for the low pressure application.


Centrifugal Oil Free Compressors​

​Ingersoll Rand new line of system optimized centrifugal compressors, continues the tradition of Simplicity by Design. Fewer parts and integrated components take compressed air reliability, efficiency and asset availability to even higher levels.


Air Compressor Dryers | Air Compressor Filters

Providing clean, dry, compressed air is especially

important in applications where moisture or contamination can cause system corrosion, damage to air-powered tools or degradation of products or processes touched by the compressed air.



Maintaining a healthy compressed air system is extremely important to optimize your productivity and profitability.

Consistent abuse of your air system without care and attention can lead to breakdowns and plant shut downs.

An air system is like any other system - lack of care will result in ill health.

FAMCO leads the way with innovative compressed air equipment and design solutions. Innovation does not stop at the design of Ingersoll Rand products but extend this through our wide range of services.