How to prepare your excavator for Spring

For those of us in warmer weather – and a busy contracting schedule – is just around the corner. Here are a few tips to get your excavator in tip-top condition for the new season.

Fluids, filters and grease

Check the levels of hydraulic oil, as well as the oil in the swing and travel gearboxes. Fill accordingly. Drain water from the water separator.


Look for weeping or damaged seals and replace as needed. Never reseal them.


Clean the undercarriage to make sure it is free from debris and adjust the tension. Check for loose track shoes and repair as needed. Check for oil leaks from the top and bottom rollers.

Boom and arm

Check the side clearance and contact the nearest Famco (800 32626 ) local Volvo dealer if needed.


Check to see if any fuel has leaked. If so, contact the nearest Famco (800 32626) local Volvo dealer for assistance.


Even if you removed the battery over the winter, inspect the terminals and posts and clean as necessary. If removed, connect a charger.

Additional functions

Check that the lights, wipers, heater and air conditioning are all in working order, addressing repairs as needed.


Enquire or Contact 800 (32626) Famco