Volvo Trucks Strengthens its position in Abu Dhabi with Multiples Deals Struck

Last month saw Volvo Trucks strengthen its presence in Abu Dhabi after FAMCO delivered new trucks to two major players in the market. Five FH460 6x4 Tractor units were received by Al Nubla Contracting Company and eight FM420 4x2 Tractor units purchased by Cardiff General Transport.

Speaking at a handover ceremony in Abu Dhabi last month, Vladimir Knezevic, Managing Director, FAMCO UAE, said the Volvo FH460 6x4 and FM420 4x2 can deliver a whole new level of efficiency, reliability and value on the job.

“As always, FAMCO is able to bring this industry-leading product from Volvo Trucks to market with confidence in both the world-class engineering and design, and, unparalleled service,” said Vladimir.

“FAMCO will continue to invest in such heavy-duty vehicles to ensure the best possible results and the highest standards of overall operational efficiency for all the transportation and construction segments.”

Mohamad Fares, General Manager, Nubala Contracting Company remarked that the focus on fuel economy and fleet efficiency offered by FAMCO and the new tractors from Volvo are crucial to customers at a time where cost control is the main challenge and priority. He says, however that Volvo Trucks and FAMCO are helping to mitigate this extra pressure on the business.

“Partnering with Volvo Trucks and FAMCO gives us access world-leading innovative fleet solutions as well as total project management programmers and complete aftersales. Their effective implementation has helped us to achieve a maximum reduction of downtime and ensured a reduced risk of any un-calculated emergency expenses,” said Mohamad.

Fares feels that his new trucks arrive ready to also improve uptime in the company and ensure they are ready to serve customers when they are needed the most.

Ziyad Mohammed, General Manager, Cardiff General Transport said that the eight new FM420 4x2 tractor units will help Cardiff General Transport continue its progress as one of the largest and most successful transportation companies in UAE.

He added that Volvo Trucks and FAMCO have helped the firm to access the “latest techniques and modern machines to comprehensively comply with all the requirements of international standards.”