Coolant Agent Offer For Old And New Generation Volvo Trucks

. Coolant Replacement for all Volvo Trucks

. Volvo provides two different types of coolants, which both are based on monoethyleneglycol.

-Volvo Coolant VCS (Volvo STD 418-0001), which is developed specifically for Volvo engines. This coolant is yellow in colour: it was introduced in 2005 and is recommended for Volvo truck engines from that year onwards. It is an OAT (Organic Additive Technology) type of coolant, therefore the quality of the coolant is guaranteed during its entire lifetime with no extra additives required.

- Volvo Coolant, in combination with Volvo’s coolant filter, gives excellent anti-freeze and corrosion protection for older Volvo engines. It is green in colour.

*Offer Valid From May to August 2020

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