D-EC Cycling Refrigerated Dryers 0.25-3.5 m3/min, 10-125 cfm

​Ingersoll Rand helps you to achieve maximum energy savings, while ensuring a continuous supply of dry, high-quality compressed air when you use its D-EC cycling refrigerated dryer. It is designed to help users achieve optimal performance at a lower cost of ownership compared to non-cycling dryers. Its refrigeration system automatically deactivates during periods of low load to reduce energy consumption.

Heated Blower Desiccant Dryers 4.2-226 m3/min, 150-8,000 cfm

​Heated blower desiccant dryers utilize a high performance centrifugal blower to direct ambient air through a heater and the off-line tower to regenerate desiccant. Although heated blower technology requires the highest initial capital investment, it offers significantly lower operating costs than other desiccant dryer technologies because there is little to no loss of compressed air from the system for regeneration.

Heatless Desiccant Dryers 2.5-142 m3/min, 800-5,000 cfm

​HL heatless desiccant dryers use twin desiccant towers with strategically positioned valves to dry compressed air. The simple technology of heatless dryers divert a portion of dried compressed air to an off-line tower. The dry air then flows through and regenerates desiccant. Although operating costs run higher than the heated desiccant dryers, the HL series requires the lowest capital investment.

Modular Heatless Desiccant Dryers 3-176 m3/min, 54-299 cfm

​Our innovative modular desiccant dryers are compact, fully integrated units that install at point-of-use, so you pay for drying only the air required. They deliver ISO Class 2 dew point performance, with optional ISO Class 1 to help prevent corrosion, minimize production disruptions and losses due to moisture or contamination. And easy on-site maintenance – less than 15 minutes after 12,000-hours of use – gets you back on line quickly.

 Refrigerated Dryers 0.2-452 m3/min, 7-16,000 cfm

​This range provides a small footprint with complete, affordable solutions for applications ranging from dry cleaning to automotive body shops, to light processing and manufacturing applications. The high capacity units are designed for large-scale industrial, automotive and petrochemical applications.

High Inlet Temperature Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers 0.42-3 m3/min, 15-100 cfm

​Capacity Range: 15-100 cfm (0.42-3 m3/min) Pressure Dew Point: 38°F to 50°F (3°C to 10°C) ISO Class 4 to 6 Cooling Method: Air-cooled Voltage: 115/1/60, 230/1/50 Maximum Pressure: 203 psig (14 barg) Maximum Ambient (air cooled): 122°F (50°C) Maximum Inlet Temperature: 200°F (90°C) Refrigerant: R-134A

High Pressure Cycling Refrigerated Dryers 15-188 m3/min, 525-6,635 cfm

​Capacity Range: 510-6460 cfm (14.4-183 m3/min) Pressure Dew Point: 38°F (3°C) ISO Class 4 Cooling Method: Water-cooled Voltage: 460/3/60 Maximum Pressure: 680 psig (47 barg) Maximum Ambient (air cooled): 120°F (49°C) Maximum Inlet Temperature: 120°F (49°C) Refrigerant: R-404A

F-Series Filters

​F-Series advanced compressed air filters reduce contamination in your air stream to help protect critical processes and valuable equipment. Rigorously tested and engineered with superior components, F-Series filters will provide years of reliable performance and consistently high quality air.

Electrically and Pneumatically Operated After Coolers

Electrical and Pneumatically operated versions available

High efficiency water separator with threaded connection / Automatic float drain / Support legs / Mounted thermometer.

Vertical Air Receivers

Carbon Steel, welded simple pressure vessel, externally primed complete with fitting kit comprising of drain valve, safety valve and pressure gauge, each receiver supplied with certificates of conformity, each safety valve supplied with certification ENLD Drain in option.